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About us

Friend Studios is a media oriented software development and design studio located in Stavanger, Norway. We create web based applications, games as well as graphical material like presentations, animations and brochures.

Friend Studios can help clients better their business by helping them deploy tools like TREEROOT, ARENA Enterprise, Celcius, Excursor and FriendUP. Additionally, we help our clients achieve an appealing graphical look and feel, making sure their web applications, layout and software matches their official company profile.

Friendly and open

Friend Studios aim to establish a trustful and personal relationship with all of its clients.

International profile

Friend Software Labs' main offices are located in Norway. Being involved in software and open source, we are very conscious of the global impact of our products and services. Because of this, we are building an international profile, aiming to establish a presence in several countries worldwide.

Global presence.

Services for the whole world.

Contact us at: Hillevågsveien 14, 4016 Stavanger, Norway | Tel: (+47) 40 72 96 56